Gratitude + Gratitude = Awesome Life Happenings


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Fall has finally arrived and I’m not the least bit sorry to see the hot days of summer fade away. Oh, I already miss having fresh tomatoes and realize I didn’t cook and freeze enough as I’m nearly out of frozen, crushed tomato sauce! But there’s next year.

Aside from the cooler weather, I love fall colors: the oranges, yellows, browns, etc. Here in California where I live, we don’t get the fall colors of the East coast but still, there is a change. I find fall colors soothing and restful.

The color changes isn’t all that I like about this time of year. This is a time I focus on gratitude and being thankful. This year is different though. In January, when I wrote out my goals (writing, personal, health, etc.) one of my personal goals was to focus on the good things in my life, to be grateful for what I have and what I am

When it came time to write this, I thought back to that goal and I have to admit, I’ve done really well with this goal. When something works out, or something good happens, or something horrid is dealt with, I take a moment to send my thanks out into the universe (good brings good, right?).

And it’s not just money related areas. I try every day to be grateful for something or someone, even my pets, like the little black kitten I just rescued. She was hanging around strip mall when I spotted her trying to get food near the garbage cans where the staff at Wingstop or customers were dumping chicken bones on the ground for her.

I decided to rescue her. Got some chicken, lured her out, and snagged her. Took her home. Found out from my hairdresser that the employees of the shops there were all feeding her but no one could catch her. From what I learned, she had to be around six weeks when she was most likely dumped and had been foraging on her own for 2 weeks.

I was afraid she might have lost some important social time and could have issues as she kept hiding in my husband’s office under the desk drawers. My friend thought I should just let her be but I knew that she could not stay afraid and in hiding for weeks as that would put her behind socially even more.  My instincts and work paid off. She’s been here a month and is well adjusted, friendly and very loving and not afraid of anything. On her behalf, I’m grateful that she probably had a good first 6 weeks and overcame her scary two weeks. Now, my other cats aren’t quite that grateful <g>.

Taking a glance back over the year, there are two major events I am grateful for. Last December I took a scary leap into the unknown when I took on a ghostwriting project from an online freelance site. I’d never written short novella length books and hadn’t written in the erotica genre, or the BDSM sub-genre. Turns out, I was good at it.

Not only did this writing gig bring in much needed income, it led me to my current career change from writing historicals to erotica. Because I changed my outlook and was looking for positive changes, I took a chance and ended up rebranding myself without setting out to do anything more than earn some writing income.

I’m very grateful to the woman who hired me because she gave me the confidence to write a story for myself to submit. So I’m very grateful to the The Wild Rose Press for taking me on as one of their authors.

So, the question is, had I not been focusing on the good, on being grateful, and being positive, would I have taken the chance on writing erotica for someone else? (It is very hard to sign away all rights to a story you write!)

I don’t think so. I had a positive mind-set, was looking for those doors or windows to crack open and then I was willing to step into the unknown.  And my goal to be positive and focus on gratitude allowed me to think outside the box.

So what I’m really grateful for is gratitude.

It’s not always easy to show gratitude in life but I firmly believe that if we concentrate on the good, be mindful of what we have, what we are, we attract the same. You know the saying: like attracts like or good brings good, negative breed negative. Focusing on gratitude brings more things into our life to be grateful for.

Here’s an exercise: write out a list of 100 things you’re grateful for. Do this often. It’s enlightening and healthy for your mind. Every day, think of one thing you are grateful for.

What are you grateful for?

How often do you just give thanks? Doesn’t have to be to a God, just stop and say thank you aloud, or I’m grateful for___.


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15 thoughts on “Gratitude + Gratitude = Awesome Life Happenings

  1. Hi, Sydney! I recently did that “gratitude project” game on Facebook, posting every day about things i’m grateful for. 7 days, 3 things each day. And you’re right, being mindful with gratitude is a great exercise to consciously think about the little things that make life happy.

    Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!

  2. As a remnant of working in hotels, I am constantly saying or writing thank you to people even when it should be you’re welcome. As for really giving thanks for what I have, not often enough, usually when something brings it home how lucky I am.

  3. I love the 100 things I’m grateful for exercise! I give silent thanks frequently for my boys and my family but I’m curious what I’d come up with by the time I hit 80 or 100! Great idea!

    • Would love to hear how it works for you. We have so much in our lives, it shouldn’t be hard yet it is much harder to identify what we are grateful for and then articulate them. thanks for coming by.

    • Agree with you. One of my kids is going to make me a grandma and I’m very thankful for that! And grateful that I’m close enough to see that child grow up. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Right now I’m grateful I haven’t succumbed to a nervous breakdown from trying to do too much. 😉

    What did you name your kitten?

    Thank so much for participating the Halloween Hop!

    • Lol’s Melissa. I think you’re making lots of folk happy but I agree about doing too much. Back to back books out has been absolutely nuts!!

      The kitten was being called Luna by the store employees and as she’s a beautiful black cat, rescued at night, I kept the name.

      thanks for visiting and for organizing this.

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